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Chronic Pain Treatment Expectations

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  • Having realistic expectations of chronic pain treatment is important.
  • Patients with a more positive outlook generally see better results from treatment.
  • Dr. Kandra and Dr. Szollas are dedicated to helping patients reach personal treatment goals, such as taking a car trip.

What is Cervical Radiculopathy?

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  • Cervical radiculopathy is a condition typically caused by the compression of one or more nerve roots in the cervical spine (neck region).
  • Compressed or irritated nerve roots in the cervical spine may cause pain and other symptoms in the neck, shoulders, arms and hands.
  • Dr. Arun Kandra and Dr. Laszlo Szollas of Premier Spine and Pain Management discuss what symptoms may be present with cervical radiculopathy and what treatment options are available for the condition.

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