Suprascapular Nerve Block for Chronic Shoulder Pain

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  • Suprascapular nerve block is a minimally invasive injection procedure that effectively manages chronic shoulder pain from degenerative conditions like arthritis.
  • This unique treatment can be performed with the help of diagnostic imaging or by using anatomical landmarks to determine accurate needle placement.
  • Dr. Arun Kandra and Dr. Laszlo Szollas of Premier Spine and Pain Management discuss the benefits of a suprascapular nerve block for chronic shoulder pain.

Chronic shoulder pain often develops from degenerative, inflammatory conditions like arthritis and bursitis, a traumatic injury, or from an impingement of the suprascapular nerve in the shoulder joint. Regardless of how the chronic shoulder pain occurred, most patients will experience decreased range of motion, limited function and severe discomfort.

There are many treatment options available for patients with this kind of pain, some of which include prescription pain medication, physical therapy, or injection therapies. A particular injection therapy that may effectively reduce chronic shoulder pain is a suprascapular nerve block. Below are details regarding what to expect during this minimally invasive injection procedure:


The patient will positioned in a way that makes the back of the shoulder clearly visible and accessible. The physician will then sterilize the injection site and administer a local anesthetic to numb the area being treated.


Shortly after the local anesthetic injection, the physician will guide a needle into the back of the shoulder to meet the suprascapular nerve using an x-ray device (fluoroscope). A contrast dye will be injected to confirm the location of the needle and then a small amount of numbing medication will be administered. If the patient experiences some pain relief, the physician can infer this is the area of the shoulder causing pain. An additional medication will be injected to reduce inflammation and provide longer-lasting pain relief.


Patients may experience minor discomfort or soreness surrounding the injection site shortly after the injection procedure. If the patient experiences increased swelling, pain or an infection develops, they should contact the team at Premier Spine and Pain Management immediately. Pain relief should being within 2 – 7 days after the injection.

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