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Premier Spine & Pain Management is an oasis of healing in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. The highly skilled doctors and compassionate staff are dedicated to alleviating and resolving any chronic discomforts that might be hampering your quality of life.

Pain interferes with our daily life making it highly crucial that a proper plan to manage it well is worked out in consultation with a specialist doctor. At all our clinics at Premier Spine & Pain Management, we work towards providing comprehensive and integrated treatment procedures not only to relieve you from your agony and ache but also treat the root cause to cure it completely from the body. We use modern and new-age technologies that are scientifically-derived, are minimally invasive, and maximally curative, providing all-encompassing pain management to the patient.

Our services include treatment of:

  • Varicose Veins – Those bulging veins in the leg area can look abnormal and make you uneasy. But, they also signify something more than what meets the eye. You surely need to consult the best doctors to get them treated at the earliest.
  • Complex Regional Pain Syndrome – This is a condition where any of your limbs can get affected. Left to heal on their own, this condition can develop into something really serious. Again, it should be referred to an expert without waiting any further.
  • Pain in the abdominal and pelvic region – If you have been experiencing ache in the region chest-down til your groin or in the pelvic region, neglecting it could develop into chronic pain. You need to have a specialist device the right management plan to get relief without much ado.
  • Fibromyalgia – This is one condition that even doctors take time to assess and comprehend. Visit our experienced doctors for fastest detection and management.
  • Headaches and Migraine – Headaches are so common that we often ignore them till the last moment. But, if you are one who believes in effective pain management, you must get in touch with our clinic for remedy.
  • Back Pain and Herniated Disc – If you think this one is not that grave, you might want to reconsider. If your back hurts you a lot, you could be running the risk of a disability sometime in the future. Better to consult us at the earliest.
  • Sciatica – Pain in your leg could be a sciatica pain. It is advisable to have it tested thoroughly from the best doctors for optimal treatment.
  • Back surgery gone wrong – Surgeries can fail but instead of going in for a re-surgery, it is best to try our alternative treatment methods at one of our clinics.
  • Pain in the knee, hip and shoulder – Joint aches can persist stubbornly for a long time. Gift yourself relief and respite by consulting one of our experts in the field.
  • Neck pain – This can be really irritating and interfere with your daily life miserably.
  • Sports-related injuries – whether an amateur or a professional, if you have hurt yourself during a sports activity, it is best to get to our clinic and have a specialist examine the injury immediately.

At our clinics, our specialised doctors offer treatment procedures like spinal cord stimulation therapy, nerve ablation, medical marijuana, and electromyography that are minimally invasive and yet most effective pain management techniques.

Premier Spine & Pain Management, as the name suggests is a leading pain management clinic in the US. Our panel of doctors including Dr. Arun Kandra, Dr. Vivek Das and Dr. Shanti S. Eppanapally are the most proficient and capable doctors in town. Our doctors are available for consultation at different locations that include Somerset, Hillsborough, Succasunna, Middletown, Clifton, Easton, Hewitt – NJ & PY that makes it convenient for our patients from all these places to come and visit us.

Do you have issues with your spine, back, knee, joints, neck, hip, and shoulders? Have you been bothered with chronic and acute pain for some time now? Have been on prolonged medication without much relief? Has a surgery gone wrong and you are desperately wanting relief from continued pain without much relief? Sounds like you?

Our expert doctors can provide you the right treatment and one that is minimally or non-invasive. Contact us today to fix an appointment with our expert panel of doctors at our clinics in and around Somerset, Hillsborough, Succasunna, Middletown, Clifton, Easton, Hewitt – NJ & PY. Our success rate in treating patients optimally is the reason why patients come to us with great expectations and we never disappoint them whatsoever.


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Dr. Das and staff are the Best. From helping with my back pain and issues to helping with my Insurance company. They are very professional with a great deal of compassion for each patient. What can I say but they are the best.

William B.

Dr. Kandra has helped me so very much. He is a warm understanding man. Not talkative but very professional. He is focused on your problems. I would recommend Dr. Kandra to ANYONE who truly needs pain management guidance.

Dan S.

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